My name is Antoinette – and I’m a musical adulteress.

I cheat on Gospel with House, and I cheat on House with Jazz. I’m a serial cheat. I can’t help myself. To be serious about it though, I’m a church singer who also sings within the dance / pop music genre – it doesn’t really equate does it?! The question seems to be popping up a lot lately though so I’ve decided to address it very quickly and simply in this weeks blog. God knows I could talk (and write) on this topic for hours but – long story short, here’s the quick and simple answer to what I sing and why:

I sing what makes me feel good. Regardless of genre. If I hear a piece of music and it inspires me to write a melody, I’ll write to it. Regardless of genre. Music is art, art is about being creative…and I love creating music. Regardless of genre.

And while I’m on the subject (shamless plug) why not check out some of my original music on my myspace page :))