Brides often ask the (very relevant) question ‘how can it be so expensive for church music if you’re only singing 8/10 songs for an hour?’

I answer it with the following:

What people assume they’re paying for:

-8/10 songs
-1 hour in church

What people are actually paying for:

– Up to 3 hours in church when you factor in that I have to arrive an hour before the ceremony, time to allow the bride be fashionably late (every brides prerogative!), the actual ceremony time and then in most cases wait at the end for photographs to be taken before I sing the last song!

– Consultation time with my brides in choosing their music before the big day.

-The time it takes to learn any new songs requested by my brides.

-The rehearsal time with my piano player in the weeks before your big day.

-Vocal upkeep – like any good musician I’m always striving to improve. My voice sounds better today than it did 5 years ago and that’s because I use the best vocal coach in Ireland – a very necessary overhead for a serious vocalist. I want to ensure that my voice is in tip-top condition for each and every ceremony I do.

-Over 15 years of experience and knowledge. I’ve come across some ceremony singers who don’t know the layout of a ceremony and can’t advise a bride on the layout of their ceremony, who don’t prepare in advance, who arrive at the church without the necessary equipment required to do the job well. Disaster!

-Factor in marketing costs, insurance costs, our contribution to the tax man and also that us full time musicians unfortunately don’t have the benefit of any holiday pay or sick pay!

As you can see, it may seem like I only spend a short time on your ceremony but there is in fact a lot of work that has to take place before I even step inside the church on your big day 🙂

What I’d say to anybody is do your research before you commit to anybody specific, when you find the perfect singer for you and you have the confidence in them to do the job well, you’ll get what you pay for!

I hope you found this useful this answers the question somewhat – if not, please feel free to shout me here or by email [email protected]

Thanks for reading.