This week I talk to Emma Farrell, Director of EF Creative Studios – the hair and makeup agency . I first came across Emma five years ago when she was the makeup director for a stage show I was performing in. Since then she’s set up the award winning EF Creative Studios and with her team of 14 people has built up extensive portfolios in fashion, tv and media – as well as being able to boast having 1000+ weddings under her belt, so I was delighted that Emma was able to take the time to talk me through the services she offers through the bridal arm of her studio.
I hope you enjoy this feature and find some useful hints and tips for your own big day.
Antoinette xx
Makeup by EF Creative Studios

Makeup by EF Creative Studios

Please provide a little bit of information about EF Creative Studios.

EF Creative Studios are a team of highly acclaimed and multi award winning makeup artists. We work on everything from weddings to magazine editorials to television shows to glossy advertising campaigns.

The work I do is so varied – I could be beautifying top models one day, to “dirtying down” big name actors the next to helping a bride into her dress another day. I started in makeup eleven years ago and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The best part of the job is meeting incredible people from all walks of life.

What size bridal parties do you cater for?

Our team of makeup artists can accommodate bridal parties of all sizes – from 4 to 40!

Do you recommend a trial run before the big day?

This really depends on the bride. Most brides do have them, just to ensure the day runs smoothly. However some more relaxed brides, just do the makeup on the day.

Bridal Makeup by EF Creative Studios

Bridal Makeup by EF Creative Studios

What happens at the trial run?

As it’s important for us to know what you’re comfortable with makeup wise we’ll start with an in-depth consultation, asking lots of questions that will help us discover what will really work to accentuate your best features without altering your personal style.

Following the consultation and makeup trial we’ll also provide you with a personalised face-chart which will be emailed to you with all the products used.

We always recommend that you purchase the lipstick for touch ups.

How long does the trial last and where does it take place?

Trials take place in our New York Loft Style Studio in Ringsend, Dublin 4. You can expect the trial to last between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours so it’s important to give yourself enough time.

How much does a trial cost?

A payment of €75 is required in advance of your trial, this covers the cost of your trial and also reserves your wedding date.

Another member of your bridal party is welcome to accompany you. If they wish to have a trial this may be pre-booked at an additional cost of €50 per person.

What is included in the trial?

-An in depth consultation

-Makeup application including lashes

-A facechart: emailed detailing all the products used for future reference (and of course also so you can purchase your touch up products).

Bridal Makeup by EF Creative Studios

Bridal Makeup by EF Creative Studios

What happens on the morning of the wedding?

We arrive with plenty of time to get you ready in a nice relaxed atmosphere. The beauty team will usually set up downstairs in a room with good light and large tables so we can set out all of the products needed. We will usually bring a high chair so that the bridal party can sit comfortably while getting their makeup done.

We allow 45 minutes per person. We usually start with one of the bridesmaids or the mother. The bride will usually get her hair set first. Then she will come to makeup somewhere in the middle of the group.

The bride should never go last as this can create undue stress. Once everyone’s makeup and hair is done, they will usually go to get dressed. After this time we will do final touch ups, before leaving the bride to get some photos and enjoy a glass of bubbles.

Bridal Makeup by EF Creative Studios

Bridal Makeup by EF Creative Studios

What’s one of the most common questions from brides to be?

I would like to look like myself, but have makeup that lasts well and looks good in pictures please. Is this possible?

Best products for wedding makeup in your opinion?

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation looks great photographed!

What motivates and inspires you to do what you do?
The joy that we can bring to people’s lives. We help to give confidence and make a stressful situation more comfortable and enjoyable. Most brides are understandably nervous on the morning of their wedding, mostly because they are not used to being in the limelight. We love helping people stay relaxed and feel like themselves only better.

Bridal Makeup by EF Creative Studios

Bridal Makeup by EF Creative Studios

Any tips for budding brides?

Try not stress. At the end of the day, it is about yourself and your partner celebrating your love. Everything else is an added bonus, so don’t sweat the small stuff or you may not enjoy your day as much as you would like 🙂

Can you recommend any other great wedding suppliers that you’ve come across in your time in the business?

Yes, there’s quite a few and I highly recommend the following:

Hair: Michelle O’Halloran
Photography: Paul from Moathill 
Flowers: Appassionata
Cakes: Cat from The Cake Cuppery
Video: Story of Eve
Dresses: Myrtle Ivory 
Wedding Directory: One Fab Day 

Emma Farrell is founder & Director of EF Creative Studios – you can contact Emma on her website  Dublin Bridal Makeup  and  also on the Facebook page of EF Creative Studios

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